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A luxurious getaway, rich in tradition




    OPENING MAY 2022

    A luxurious getaway, rich in tradition. Authenticity at the heart of everything.

    This is what the world of Lesante Cape is made of. Located in Akrotiri village, a privileged place of great historic cultural value, where the manors of the island’s noblemen used to be situated, with a beautiful, secluded beach in front and extraordinary views to the blue horizon, the Lesante Cape unveils a new hospitality experience. Build as a traditional Greek village, with a square at its center -where all the socializing and events take place- with a café, a taverna, a few small shops all around it, a folklore museum and its own church nearby, the Lesante Cape is a modern -and very vivid- trip to the past.

    Everything around you, honours authenticity, starting from the traditional Zakynthian architecture, with the tall, proud arches, the large white stones and earthly tones embracing everything, to the wooden furniture and straw-made décor, all being brought to today, with contemporary amenities and services that accommodate your modern living.

    Explore a luxurious getaway to the traditional Zante with your family, today!